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Significant Cases

As an advocate, I handled many significant trials and appeals over more than 26 years.  Below are a few examples.

  • Danforth v. State – I briefed and argued this case, involving a repeated child abuser’s request for a new trial, in the United States Supreme Court.  
  • State v. Traylor and State  v. Kromah  – Minnesota Supreme Court cases establishing the admissibility of DNA PCR-STR evidence.
  • Erlandson v. Kiffmeyer – Minnesota Supreme Court case in which I represented Minnesota’s County Auditors concerning absentee ballot practices after the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Senator Paul and Sheila Wellstone. 
  • Coleman v. Ritchie – Minnesota Supreme Court case in which I argued on behalf of the Hennepin County Auditor for counting every valid vote in the recount process.
  • State v. Kerling – Sex trafficking conviction.
  • State v. Amundson – Embezzlement from vulnerable adult conviction.
  • State v. Hickman – One of several cases convicting airline pilots for failing to pay state income tax. 
  • State v. Bren – Leading case holding contractor responsible for fraud for failing to pay workers.

For eight years I supervised a team specializing in white collar criminal prosecution including identity theft, elder abuse, tax evasion, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, and corporate theft, believing strongly that a fair society holds people of privilege accountable.