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Remember to flip over your ballot and vote for Judge Diamond by November 3!

Judge Pat Diamond in Robes

A Few Words From Pat

Governor Mark Dayton appointed me as a judge in Ramsey County in 2012 having received my name through the judicial merit selection process.  Since that time, I have been honored to serve Ramsey County and have presided over thousands of cases.  I understand  that coming to court as a defendant, a victim, a witness, or a juror, is difficult and can be traumatic.  I work to treat everyone with dignity and respect. I seek to bring patience, simple kindness, and a practical approach.  I have also worked hard to address the significant racial disparities that plague our community and our justice system and recognize so much remains to be done.  I have the judicial experience, background, temperament, and personal commitment to earn your support and will continue to work hard to honor the trust you have placed in me.  I am asking for your vote. 

We are former or retired justices and judges from courts in Minnesota. We write in support of the re-election of Judge Pat Diamond as judge in the Ramsey County District Court (Second Judicial District).

Pat applied to be a judge through the Minnesota Judicial Selection Commission. The commission thoroughly vetted his application and background and determined that he met the high standards set by the commission for integrity, maturity, judicial temperament, diligence, legal knowledge, ability, experience and community service. The commission then recommended him to then-Governor Mark Dayton who, in 2012, appointed him to be a Ramsey County judge. The voters of Ramsey County elected Judge Diamond in 2014.

Before becoming a judge, Pat Diamond worked on criminal and civil matters in both the public sector and private practice. He was a key player in establishing the Domestic Abuse Service Center and helped to create the first Veterans Treatment Court in Minnesota. Since joining the bench, Judge Diamond has presided over thousands of cases and is currently the lead judge in Ramsey County’s treatment courts — courts in which the criminal justice system has successfully helped individuals with mental health, drug and other issues turn their lives around.

We believe that Judge Diamond’s demonstrated skills, compassion and dedication have served Minnesotans well and make his re-election a true benefit to the work of the Minnesota judiciary. We are proud to support Judge Diamond and believe he should continue serving Minnesotans in the Second Judicial District.

This letter was signed by former Supreme Court Justices Eric Magnuson, Sam Hanson and David Lillehaug, Former Court of Appeals Judge Harriet Lansing, Former District Court Judges James H. Clark, Jr., Michael Monahan, Robert Small and John B. Van de North.